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"How old would you be,
If you didn't know how old you were?"

A part of you still feels young. Don’t let the physical realities of a frail body or the passing discomfort of an illness stop you from living and experiencing new things. Aged care should be all about you and the best care that you can afford. Not about finding new ways to lower the cost of care to improve the profitability. Caregivers is dedicated to rewarding you for the life you’ve lived and challenging you to make new experiences that make life worth living. Live life in colour and not shades of grey!

"The clock never stops. Never stops. Never waits. We’re growing older. It’s getting late." - Ben Folds

This is the life you have. If you have money put aside for a ‘rainy day’, then maybe this is the health emergency that you’ve been waiting for. It might be time to consider spending some of it on making the best of the time you have left. One of the regular comments I get is “I should have done this years ago.” Good food, good companions and a feeling of being cherished and looked after. This is the goal of all of our caregivers – to make your life worth living.

"A man growing old, Becomes a child again" - Sophocles (460BC)

The realities of old age haven’t changed in millennia, better health care and better medications only mask the other issues of growing old. You will come to depend upon the assistance of others. Choose wisely those you choose to take into your life. All Caregivers staff are personally vetted and tested with extensive interactions with us to determine who is trustworthy enough to care for our valuable clients. Pick a company with a track record of trusted service, over 400 00 hours of community care experience gives us the edge.

We have been solving people’s problems since 2001!

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