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When your kids are young an au-pair is handy. Now your parents are frail a private carer is also handy. Caregivers staff are there to support both you and your parents. We are not there to take your place in their life, our role is to discreetly assist you at every opportunity allowing your relationship to be as close as it has always been and ensure no disagreements about whether or not they are ‘looking after themselves’. If you want help getting them to a grand child’s school open day function, then we can make it happen. Our job is not to replace the love and affection that you share, it’s to allow your parents to be at their best and to feel how much you care for them. We are happy to deliver them to your family Christmas lunch and collect them again afterwards. Our job is to be discreet and let your parents be the best version of themselves possible.

Peace of mind is knowing that they are

receiving the care that they deserve

If you have ever had the vague sense of unease that you have gone out and left an appliance on, you may have a clue as to the worry of many adult children who are concerned about their confused or frail parents. Unfortunately as the Aged Care Royal Commission is showing, sometimes even having them placed in care is not guaranteed relief from this ever present worry. Having a professional Aged Care Company on call to deal with any incidents or emergencies, as and when they arise is a real solution. Whether or not you require temporary 24/7 care or just a routine daily visit while you go away on vacation, Caregivers can accommodate your requirements. Don’t try to be 100% for everyone all the time, be smart and organise some help for when you truly need it.

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