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Your Home Care Questions Answered

Finding the right home care in Queensland can be a little challenging, especially when you are not quite sure what exactly you are looking for. CareGivers have assisted people needing care for 20 years and are dedicated to providing our clients with the highest possible standard.

On this page, we have answered many questions around home care that we receive frequently. If you can’t find the anwer you are looking for, feel free to book a free phone consultation with our team to discuss your individual needs.

Looking for the right home care provider can be challenging and, frankly, overwhelming. The CareGivers team has extensive experience in working with you to establish your needs and provide a solution that’s just right for you. The best and easiest way to start is to book a free phone consultation with our team, so we can have an in-depth chat about your unique situation and needs. Click here to book a free consultation.

The easiest way to find out is to take our short home care quiz. It only takes a minute and we’ll let you know immediately if we believe home care is a suitable option or not.

Yes. It is your home and we respect your right to only allow the people you trust to enter and look after you. What we do is very personal and intimate, you have absolute discretion as to who cares for you.

Home care is expensive. The Federal Government provides some assistance through the HCP (Home Care Package) and CHSP (Commonwealth Home Support Program). Similarly, there are supports available through the DVA for Veteran’s and some other financial programs such as Workcover, Comcare and some Health Insurance companies.

If you are relying upon these programs then it is likely that at some stage you will need to use your own funds to provide some services.

Most of these programs are not as well funded as the NDIS, so if you are an eligible NDIS participant then it is recommended that you speak to your NDIS manager to get Caregivers services in place.

Caregivers staff are all interviewed personally by the owner. Only people with both experience and qualifications in Aged Care or Disability care are hired. We look for people with exceptional communication skills and empathy. Your carer will be matched to your written expectations. After 13 years of interviewing staff we have a good track record of finding and hiring the best.

Some people are very reluctant to allow themselves to accept a carer.  Their sense of pride is offended by the idea that they may not be coping, or they may be holding on to a lifelong commitment to; being in charge or being the parent.  We at Caregivers are quite used to this, as a lot of our favourite clients started out as “cranky old ladies” ™.

It is a discussion that our managers and staff are quite accustomed too and we welcome the opportunity to meet the client in question and discuss the options; while leaving it perfectly clear that they are the ones who are in charge and can pick and choose what services, if any, to use.

The best suggestion is to start small with a few little things; transport to an appointment, laundry service or a home cooked meal. Often it is a great feeling of relief for the client to know that they have someone that they like available to assist, and all they have to do is ask for help.

W also published an article on our blog about how to have the “aged care talk” with your parents that you may find helpful.

Our staff are asked to do everything from: Laundry, shopping, cooking and all other household chores, they also get people out of bed, showered, dressed, and prepare a meal that they can feed to a client if needed.

Or they might be asked to distribute medications or possible wound management and taking clients out or collect them from a hospital and take them home.  Shopping and social outings are always a popular request.

Our most important time is spent in the important act of socializing. Because, unfortunately many old people get isolated and left alone for days on end.  A friendly face and a chat are the best treatment for those depressive thoughts.

Sleepover shifts are a common request. Overnight support where the staff do a 12-hour shift that can include dinner, brushing teeth, watching some TV and assistance getting into bed, being on call through the night for a cup of tea or a toilet break, then getting up and organised the next morning with a shower, change of clothes and breakfast served.

Because we care.

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