Do you feel responsible professionally or personally for an elderly person?

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We know that “Money Doesn’t Buy Happiness”

At a venerable stage of life, money can provide all the luxuries you desire and a personal premium service you can trust.

If this is the situation for a client you know then Caregivers Pty Ltd could be the answer!

Our philosophy is “Nothing is too much trouble”, we believe everyone should be able to age gracefully in the manor that they desire with the care, love and support of trusted professionals, we are happy to go the extra mile to make this happen for our clients.

We with our over 400 000 hours of community care experience, as well as being a former DVA Home care provider, we have seen a great many typical issues being solved with our dedicated and experienced managers and staff to provide quick solutions.

We are a people centred company with reliable systems and procedures. If you have a client, that wants to stay at home that you are concerned about, why not give Caregivers the chance to review and investigate the situation first and provide a detailed solutions based report first.

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Our in home service is tailored, personalised, holistic and specialised. We don’t need hundreds of clients, we prefer to have a small number and truly tick off their wish list. We offer numerous services that other providers simply cannot cater for, all the bells and whistles are available. Each one of our clients are special but we are looking for more to become part of the Caregivers family and continue to live their life in a way they are accustom too and with dignity.

Statistics show that relocating an elderly person generally due to not having the home support to meet their required needs, has a dramatic negative emotional impact on your client an often shortens their lifespan.

Caregivers have more than 15 years’ experience providing in home personalised care for our clients which includes detailed reporting systems 24/7 around the clock care if required. Which offers a comprehensive and safe community care service. Providing regular reporting and updates as required to reduce your risks and ensure that regulatory and legal requirements are always met, making it easier for you to manage your client interests effectively.

That unhappy day and relocation to a nursing home for your clients, can often be postponed by simply getting in touch with Caregivers first, to assess the situation and report back to you what home care solutions could actually be implemented to cater for your clients’ needs if they would prefer to remain at home.

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