84 years old at first service

Mavis was our first client under the auspices of the Office of the Adult Guardian and the Public Trustee. She has been admitted to Greenslopes Hospital following a temporary severe UTI had left her dehydrated and confused. She remained there for months following a diagnosis of on-set dementia and was refusing to accept being placed in supported living. She stubbornly out lasted both the Hospital staff and the Trustee’s and insisted in going home to the modest post war home that she and her husband has built themselves in 1946.

She treasured the home for all the memories and feelings that it evoked in her. It was however a large task to get it shipshape after years of Mavis being frugal with the decor budget. I still recall ‘the look’ and the conversation I had with her, after one of my staff put some curtains through the washing machine resulting in their complete disintegration. Mavis valued staff who were patient with her meandering conversations, but unusually she really liked the younger staff when she could live vicariously through their reported love lives.

Mavis managed another 7 years of happy memories in Wavell Heights with the assistance of Caregivers before succumbing to an anti-biotic resistant STAP infection while once again being cared for at the Greenslopes Hospital.

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