Retirement Living – What’s The Right Aged Care Option For You?

Whether you are making plans for a loved one’s retirement or yourself, it can be a daunting process to find the right kind of aged care for your individual circumstances and budget. With so much information available online, we understand that it can be a little overwhelming to find the best possible retirement solution for the retiree and their family.

To assist you with your decision, we have summarised four aged care options for retirement living in Queensland below, from retirement villages to at home care.

Retirement Villages

This is a popular option for aged care in Australia. Retirement villages are provide full-time support to the elderly, as well as a sense of community. If dealing with the usual drawbacks of owning a home isn’t for you, like repairs and maintenance, this may be a good option for you. The homes in retirement villages in Queensland are usually leased, meaning that maintenance and repairs are the responsibility of management. They are also built with safety in mind, providing a safe and secure environment at all times. When entering a retirement village, you pay something called ‘ingoing contribution’, which is used for your deferred management fees or departure fees upon departure. 

Independent Living

This is a good alternative housing choice for individuals who require little or no assistance. You may opt for simple services like linen cleaning and meals during your stay. Located within a retirement village hub, serviced apartments are usually smaller housing options or units planned to suit people who still desire the community aspect of a retirement village but don’t require large amounts of space

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Assisted Living

You can look at home care villages as a combination of a retirement village and nursing home. Assisted living allows to quickly adjust the level of care to occupants as their needs and aged care requirements change. The payment for this type of high-level aged care is usually setup like an insurance policy. You may pay a fixed weekly or monthly amount in preparation for an increased level of care as you age. One advantage is that there is no need to move to an aged care facility if your circumstances or needs change.

In-Home Care

At CareGivers, we believe one of the best options for your retirement could be to spend your later years in the comfort of your own home and close to your loved ones. However, as you age, circumstances continue to change and there may be a need for additional assistance. Our team of highly qualified care givers specialises in delivering customised aged care services, including cooking meals, assisting with personal hygiene, as well as any other house work and personal care. In-Home Care allows you to continue living in your own home while having access to the absolute best support and at the level you need at any given stage.

If you would like to find out if in-home care could be a good option, take this short quiz below to find out.

We hope that this article helped shed some light on the various options for aged care services here in Queensland and assisted you with your decision. If you would like to receive personal advice from one of our carers, you can book a free consultation to discuss your personal needs and circumstances.

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  • Thank you again for the wonderful consultation, Martin. It was incredibly helpful and I feel like this really is the best way forward for my father. Appreciate you taking the time to truly listen. Claire

    • Thank you, Claire. I’m glad you found our conversation helpful. My team and I look forward to providing the best possible care for your family. Regards, Martin


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